Liberté Egalité Sororité Pen-Black & Beech

Liberté Egalité Sororité Pen

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Liberté Egalité Sororité Feminist Pen

This Liberté Egalité Sororité feminist pen is our take on the motto of France: Liberté, égalité, fraternité, and is everyone who believes in Liberty Equality and Sisterhood. Vive le Sororité!

Sometimes you need that subtle reminder you are a badass queen when jotting down your plans for world domination.

This phrase can be traced back to the ‘Mouvement de la Libération des Femmes’ in 1970s Paris.

It's a great feminist gift for the badass women in your life - perfect for making notes for world domination!

More Information About the Liberté Egalité Sororité Feminist Pen 

This design has been hand-stamped for us here in the UK by Partridge & Bell. It's a black pen with silver foil, and the biro has blue ink.