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For any party to win at the general election they need our votes. Women are the majority of voters in this country and without us, and our priorities they cannot hold power.
We wanted to consider what makes an intersectional feminist citizen, and how do we address our concerns with politicians who need us?
First up, what issues and systemic barriers do women face and how can these be addressed by politics?

Consider these themes, an inexhaustive list you will agree.

  1. Childcare and Early Years education
  2. NHS
  3. Cost of Living
  4. Ending workplace sexual harassment
  5. The rate of conviction in Rape trials
  6. Womens Representation in Parliament and Government
  7. Abortion Rights and Reproductive Justice (Decriminalisation)
  8. Widespread violence against women and girls
  9. Gender Pay gap & Motherhood Penalty
  10. Unpaid care work falling on women in our society
  11. Climate Crisis
  12. Poverty and Precious employment

Questions we can ask when they knock on our door:

Feel free to print these and add your own, share with your networks.

What specific policies and investments will you propose to improve access to affordable, high-quality childcare and early childhood education?

How will you address the issues of low pay and poor working conditions for early years educators, most of whom are women?

What is your plan to address the chronic underfunding and staffing shortages in the NHS, particularly in maternity and women's health services?

How will you ensure equitable access to healthcare for women, especially those from marginalized communities?

What measures will you take to address the disproportionate impact of the cost-of-living crisis on women, who often bear a greater burden of unpaid care work and have lower incomes?

Given that 75% of women experience gender discrimination at work, what concrete steps will you take to combat workplace sexual harassment and promote safe, equitable working environments?

With the alarmingly low conviction rate of 2% in rape trials, how will you work to improve the criminal justice system's response to sexual violence and support survivors?

What specific actions will you take to increase the representation of women, especially from diverse backgrounds, in Parliament and cabinet positions? 

What is your stance on decriminalizing abortion and ensuring access to safe, legal reproductive healthcare services for all women?

Given that domestic violence accounts for 20% of reported crimes in the UK, what strategies will you implement to prevent and address this issue, including increased funding for support services and stricter enforcement?

How will you tackle the gender pay gap and the "motherhood penalty" that often stalls women's career progression and contributes to economic inequality?

What policies will you propose to recognize, reduce, and redistribute the disproportionate burden of unpaid care work shouldered by women in our society?

How will you ensure that climate policies and solutions are gender-responsive and address the disproportionate impact of climate change on women, particularly in vulnerable communities?

What measures will you take to lift women out of poverty and provide access to stable, well-paid employment opportunities, particularly in sectors dominated by women workers?

Finally, as party manifestos are published come back to visit us to see our unpacking and analysis of these themes. Please comment with anything else you think we can help with.



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