IWD 2024

Feminism is for life not just for International Women's Day.

This year, IWD precedes Mother’s Day by two days. 

As a woman, my feminism is defined by my motherhood. Parenting is a political act.

Seeing the reality mothers are facing in Gaza is horrifying, and on this IWD I want to align our campaign with them. All mothers – no matter where they are in the world – deserve to see their kids grow up surrounded by peace and happiness.

The artwork featured in this range was created by the inimitable Rebecca Strickson.

For every pin you purchase, we will donate the entire RRP of £7 to Forgotten Women, a charity run by women for women, dedicated to helping women in crisis and emergencies.

When you purchase a 1p card to send to a friend we will give £1 to the same appeal.

From sales of our prints we will donate £3, and from sales of our t-shirts we will donate £5.


This will run until 9 March.

Since our inception we have been opening up conversations and putting our money where our mouths are to support women and girls. 



White woman wears sage green tee shirt with pink artwork on

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