Member of the Resistance Keyring-Black & Beech

Member of the Resistance Keyring

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Member of the Resistance Feminist Keyring

This Member of the Resistance design is the latest addition to our feminist keyring range.

Women from the dawn of time have changed the world, one day at a time through many tiny actions that add up. 

This keyring is a great reminder as we go about our day-to-day lives that we are part of a movement, and that our actions, however small, make a difference.

We are living in troubling times, and for some women choice is more limited. Our products are designed to empower and support women everywhere, through ethical supply chains as well as by giving to charities that are empowering women.

Feminism is a social justice movement, not just something we wear on a t-shirt. Here at Black and Beech, we believe that the personal is the political, and that feminism needs to be intersectional and inclusive.

More Information About Member of the Resistance Feminist Keyring 

  • Industrial keyring tag in black
  • Laser etched in Wales
  • 40mm diameter; 3mm thick
  • Packaged in a reusable metallic ziplock bag