Feminist Icon Pyjama Story

Hello Friends,

After 18 months in development, we finally get to present our ICONS collection.

Inspired by the women* of the feminist movement, this storytelling print was carefully designed exclusively for us by Layla Holzer to bring our sisters close by. We spoke to our community about the people they wanted to see and this was the shortlist. Learn more about these incredible humans in the journal post here.

Could these be the worlds first Feminist Pyjamas?

As nightwear lovers and frankly snobs we put all our design thinking into the creation of these.

Our shape, cut and silhouette pays homage to the iconic chore jacket, a workwear staple. A dropped shoulder, back yoke and a range of pockets, this time imagined in a soft crispy and quality BCI cotton. The top is finished with double rows of top stitching and french seaming or binding internally. This will ensure these pyjamas not only feel amazing against sensitive skin, but are designed for durability and to last.

The boxy oversized fit allows for weight fluctuations and ease of movement.

The print is a conversation starter, in fact I regularly discuss Dolly Parton or Ada Lovelace with my sons at the breakfast table since wearing these.

The button is Corozo nut, an awesome sustainable alternative to the commonplace plastic we see for these finishing details.

On to the bottoms.

These have a very cool cocoon shaping though the leg. No skimping on fabric for these pyjamas have volume and comfort at every point. The waistband is designed with no less than 10CM of stretch in them, that is a number of dress sizes of fluctuation to allow for weight gain or loss. This mattered to me because with an investment such as these, I want you to love them for years to come.

I experienced the retirement of so many clothes as I experienced weight gain during the pandemic. I didn’t want this to be the case with our products.

The pant also has a drawcord through the front waistband channel so you can adjust for yourself.

We have one back pocket and two front pockets on these so the pyjama overall has 6! What else do you expect from feminist pjs!

Deep hems add weight and body to these beauties.

To finish off this look, you can add our kimono cut robe. This contemporary gown is extremely flattering and cool, again 2 pockets and a long wrap-able belt to keep you feeling secure. The collar is deep and luxurious and can be folded in or out to add a different feel.

We opted to make these in our beloved India, we are hoping we can visit the awesome team there in 2023. The factory is a living wage employer (like us!) and we used BCI cotton, you can learn about the Better Cotton Initiative here.

Your products will have our beautiful new swing tag, which we hope you keep as a bookmark, and includes a fold out A3 post you can use to learn about these 7 humans you should know, adorn your wall/fridge, or use as a gift wrap!

Enjoy! Stacey X
*It is a contest area how Marsha P Johnson choose to ID themselves.

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  • Hannah Loy

    Aaah Stacey – I love that you have a new blog on your website and I double loved reading all the details about these beautiful pyjamas. Such thoughtful design. I especially love the detail about the button. What a brilliant alternative! I know these will FLY this Christmas. ICONS (also – great name!) is such an awesome collaboration and I know people will be wearing these PJs for years and years to come and so many conversations will be sparked. Isn’t that so lovely to know? Xxx 😘

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