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About Us

What is Black & Beech?

Black & Beech was created by me, Stacey Grant-Canham, as a part-time side hustle whilst on maternity leave with my first son. Since then, Black & Beech has evolved into a brand with a mission: to fuse a passion for feminism and activism with a commitment to provocative, ethical, and sustainable fashion. Fashion is a powerful form of expression and an effective tool for empowerment. At Black & Beech, we create a space where individuals can express their feminist beliefs through fashion, while actively supporting positive practices within the fashion industry.

Values at our core

Black & Beech is not just a fashion brand; we seek to champion something more. Black & Beech is deeply committed to intersectional feminist causes, and we have used our brand to promote activism in areas such as abortion rights and support for survivors of domestic violence. We have given over £20,000 in donations to charities that we endorse. Furthermore, we pride ourselves on provenance, working with suppliers who maintain the highest ethical and sustainable credentials. We invest time in developing long-standing relationships with our suppliers, many of whom are independent family-run businesses themselves. We visit them regularly, and we pay fair wages to deliver well-made garments using the highest quality products and materials.

Tired of fashion that fails to speak your truth?  

Black & Beech isn’t afraid to speak out. When you wear Black & Beech, we hope that you’ll stir things up and get people talking. We specialise in slogan garments that reflect the values that align with us and our customers. Every garment makes a statement, and we like to make our statements super clearly. We hope you’ll make a statement with us

Struggling to find gifts that matter?

At Black & Beech, we provide a wide range of quality gifts for her and him. You’ll discover gifts that do more than celebrate &mfash; they advocate, inspire, and support the causes close to your heart.  

An ethical fashion business for feminist changemakers