IWD 2023


This IWD we are thinking about the ripple effect of our actions. I created a list with links of actions we can all try out. Today and always. 



  1. Fund abortions - donate to your local abortion fund. 
  2. Consider mentoring a woman or non binary person in your field or profession. 
  3. Offer your time or expertise. A 30 min coffee with a woman from an underrepresented community trying to enter your field. 
  4. Already doing a ton? Practice self care today. 
  5. Think about a kindness you can do for a woman in your friendship group. A new mum, a person experiencing loss. Send a text, send a lasagne. 
  6. Challenge systemic racism. Support the work of the Black Curriculum. 
  7. Share this podcast with a man you know, its Craig David and he speaks about embracing Matriarchy! YES. 
  8. Compliment a girl about her brilliance without mentioning her appearance. 
  9. Learn about the UN Campaign for IWD which focuses on access to technology for women and girls. 
  10. Give flowers to women. 
  11. Always question if a woman had input into a decision that affects them, ditto our trans siblings. 
  12. Be the person who will mention another woman name in a room full of opportunities
  13. Introduce women who you know can benefit from knowing each other personally or professionally 
  14. Build a micronetwork of support, sisterhood and solidarity- help them ripple
  15. Take steps to lead and be the change
  16. Be a voice for women in the room/on the page- find ways to amplify girls’ voices and experience
  17. Fill a little girl’s life with fun and fearlessness
  18. Ask another woman you respect to be your mentor . And if it’s been difficult for you as a woman, try to make it as easy as possible for others that follow. 
  19. Think about how to make things more equal in your home or in your workplace. Can you hand over a few domestic or admin chores? Eg. The organisation of a work night out or making the beds. And once it’s their responsibility let go! They’ve either got this or they haven’t but it’s not your responsibility anymore. You don’t automatically have to be the party planner or the organiser or the communicator. Discuss and delegate between you when the load is uneven.
  20. Ask men how they ‘do it all’. Genuinely. I know that sounds facetious but if we don’t ask the question, all the unpaid labour/ paid support is invisible. We need to bring work in the domestic sphere more into our collective consciousness and we can’t do that if we don’t ask men (and women) how they do it ‘all’.
  21. Amplify the voices and experiences of women who have traditionally not had their voices heard. Pass on that microphone.
  22. Be the change you want to see and do it unapologetically. You don’t know who you’ll inspire to do the same - get those ripples going!
  23. Praise bravery not beauty.
  24. Advocate for women. Seats given at the table, opportunities shared, investment opportunities, shouting from the rooftops how awesome another woman is
  25. Destigmatise things traditionally stigmatised. Periods, abortions, pelvic prolapse, broken vulvas, gynaecological cancers. 
  26. Share this list with your friends
  27. Speak to your sons about why IWD is important. Its not to diminish boys, its about sharing the wonder of women who were kept in the shadows for too long. 
  28. Listen to this playlist and dance
  29. Check out this webinar tonight
  30. Look in the mirror and give love to yourself




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